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[Fic] An Extended Birthday Episode

Title: An Extended Birthday Episode
Character, Pairing(s): Extended Recess (Jin, Kame, Pi, Shirota); Jin/Kame
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Crack
Warnings: Language
Summary: At least nobody 'forgot' Jin's birthday this time.
Notes: This is an attempted insert to katmillia's wonderful Extended Recess 'verse. (Any references will make more sense if you've read this, which you should.) Butchering others' fic isn't something I'd like to make a habit of, so please pardon any resulting fail.



Jin couldn’t make up his mind. He hadn’t intended to ask for anyone else’s input, but relying on his own brain to make decisions was about as fruitless as trying to buy Twix bars without money, something he’d attempted many a time before but still not managed to do yet. “Tuna baguette or tuna pitta bread?”


“The fuck, dude, they’re the same.” Pi grunted, throwing his laminated menu at Jin’s unsuspecting face.


“Ow- THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.” Jin retorted with a pained snarl. This was a decision that may or may not affect his mood for the rest of the afternoon. Such things could not be taken lightly.


“Just get the baguette, Jin.” Kame offered.




“Then get the pitta bread. Simple as.” Kame sighed when Jin’s jaw dropped to the table.


“Can’t you hear what I’m saying? I want them both the same amount. I can’t just pick one randomly because you said so.”


“Then why did you ask for our opinion?”


“Shut it, Shirota. I don’t need you in my life at this early hour.”


“Jin, it’s 6 pm.” Kame, ever knowledgeable, pointed out.


Jin blinked. He blinked again just as the round-bellied waiter came to their table, dressed in a brown checked suit and black bowtie that wasn’t a millimetre off-centre. Jin gaped. He had less than a minute to decide what to order, and he really had no clue. On one hand, the pitta bread would get him more tuna because it’s easier to stuff, but baguette was his favourite type of bread and he hadn’t been able to afford it for the last, like, fifteen years. Being in a band and jobless had its major downfalls.


The next time he looked up was when Kame booted his shin hard, and when Jin’s face finally peeled off the spot on the table where it had slammed into in agony, he saw the waiter eyeing him expectantly through his spectacles.


“Gimme a tuna Panini.” Jin slurred, before dropping his forehead back to the table’s cotton-clad surface. Surprisingly, none of the others poked at him for being dumb or anything, which came as a shock considering their usual banter. If the throb in his head was a little dimmer, he might have bothered looking up to see why, but it wasn’t, therefore, he didn’t.


Even headaches couldn’t stop him from sitting up in his seat when the unmistakeable smell of fresh fish spiralled up his nose ten minutes later. He wasn’t able to count the number of years it’d been since he’d last eaten anything not from a can on either hand. There were plus sides to his birthday after all. How the others had managed to gather enough money to pay for their outing was beyond him; it was always those three who shed cash from their wallets to fix the band’s (endless) financial issues – Jin never offered up a dime (not that he had any to offer).


What made him even more puzzled was the jumble of supposedly edible lumps on the pristine white china plate that was placed in front of him, along with a glass of Fanta Fruit Twist and a donut, which Pi was quick to adopt. What kind of people called that cut up wreck a Panini? It looked more like the finger food his mother used to make for his pre-teen birthday parties; the cheese and pineapple chunks on cocktail sticks that lined the edge of the plate were also suspiciously familiar. When one of Pi’s thefty hands edged towards one of said sticks, Jin let him take it, too pleased to smack his efforts away.


Now this was a birthday.


Rearranging the angle of his polka dot party hat, Jin lifted one of the mounds resembling soggy bread and tossed it into his mouth, ignoring the chatter from the neighbouring table about how ‘sandwiches should be eaten with knives and forks, not fingers’. Jin hadn’t heard of anything like that before in his life, and he wasn’t about to succumb to the laws of eating etiquette or any shit like that. He just couldn’t wait until this party’s after-party – Kame was sure to be generous, given the occasion.


Looking back at his plate, Jin was disheartened to find all but one cheese-and-pineapple-stick missing from his plate. Seeing Pi’s not-at-all guilty impression immediately let him know who the culprit was.


“Shirota! You cynical bastard, cough it up!” Jin left his seat in a rampage, knocking one of the 60’s style lamps off the wall in his haste to dash around the table. He barely avoided the family to his left as he took a leap in the general direction of Shirota’s chair, only to find the other man had snuck up the staircase heading for the men’s rooms. Despite the ache where he’d just winded himself on Shirota’s seat, Jin didn’t hesitate to follow.


Upstairs turned out to be a hideously old-fashioned whisky sampling room, equipped with black leather sofas and a juke box in one corner. Whoever designed the café’s interior must have been more stupid than him, considering the mix up of generations.


Jin sped past the entrance to a wine cellar without a passing glance at the contents. Shirota’s chuckles were echoing down the hall and succeeding in making Jin fume. His face was red enough as it is; he was already puffed out from the sudden burst of exercise.


“Too slow, dipshit!” The torment barely scratched Jin’s small amount of pride, yet his anger surged to a whole new level.


“Jin, cut it out.” Kame’s smooth voice stopped Jin’s legs from progressing further.


Jin couldn’t believe it. He had just achieved enlightenment.


“Kame, you’re my hot boyfriend, right?” The frown he received did nothing to shift the grin from his face. “…right?”


Kame shrugged and ruffled a hand through his floppy hair. Yep, Jin thought. Definitely a hot boyfriend.


“So you’ll ditch this joint and come with me to-”


“Not Chili’s. Anywhere but Chili’s.”


“I wasn’t going to say that.” Jin hoped his face didn’t show how much he sucked at lying. Kame probably already knew that, though. “I was going to say, err—my place?”


An unimpressed look greeted his idea. Jin panicked.


“Fine, your place, then.” He said, both hands raised to emphasise his point, if it wasn’t clear enough already.


“You seem to have forgotten, Jin. We’re about a five hour drive away from both of our apartments. Hang on- didn’t you just get chucked out of your place anyway?”


“Whatever, Kame. You’re over-thinking things. Let’s just go to a hotel, it’s my birthday and all. We can’t let the chance go to waste.”


“What chance?” Kame lifted one narrow, sceptical eyebrow.


“The chance for me to show you all of the new tricks I’ve learnt, of course!” Jin beamed. Coming across that new advice site had sent him crazy in his desperation to put all of the theories into practice. He was sure these suggestions would turn out better than the last ones – he wouldn’t want a repeat of the headboard incident.


Kame tried his best to keep his face straight and unconvinced, but as Jin had fully expected, he was his fanboy until the very end. “Do you have enough money to rent a room?”


“Huh? It’s my birthday, Kame. I don’t spend on my birthday.” Jin’s eyes gleamed with a puppy-dog sparkle.


Kame rubbed his palms down the sides of his legs and didn’t let loose the predictable exhausted sigh or tell Jin he was being selfish. Instead, he grabbed Jin’s wrist and dragged him back down into the main lobby of the café (much to the disgust of the other diners), grabbing his Marc Jacobs shoulder bag from his seat on the way before swiftly heading out of the door. Jin barely had a free second to grab the half-eaten donut from Pi’s hands before he was pulled away and down the street.


Shirota could laugh all he liked, just as long as Jin had donuts. And Kame. And awesome presents to look forward to.




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Jul. 2nd, 2011 06:22 pm (UTC)

um okay you better be excited for massive amounts of flail, because this was hilarious and adorable and you probably have no idea how crappy my mood had been today UNTIL I GOT TO READ THIS and suddenly everything is so, so much better, you have no idea. HOLD PLEASE~~~

“Shut it, Shirota. I don’t need you in my life at this early hour.”

“Jin, it’s 6 pm.” Kame, ever knowledgeable, pointed out.


along with a glass of Fanta Fruit Twist and a donut, which Pi was quick to adopt

“Shirota! You cynical bastard, cough it up!” Jin left his seat in a rampage, knocking one of the 60’s style lamps off the wall in his haste to dash around the table.

grabbing his Marc Jacobs shoulder bag from his seat

CRYING IN HAPPINESS. T___________________________T omg omg omg so happy right now. i love so much when people play in this 'verse and this was so hilarious and wonderful. you have no idea how happy you have just made me, i'm not even kidding. i think i just capslock keysmash pimped this on twitter lmao

♥♥♥♥ ilu
Jul. 2nd, 2011 07:09 pm (UTC)
Wow, what a comment *_*
I'm surprised you found anything worthy of quoting or pimping!

I'm glad the characterisations were ok, since you execute yours so perfectly.

I tried to include 'verse details so that it wouldn't end up as random unrelated babble XD I'm relieved they worked out. Plus, Kame + bags is an endless shower of glee, there was no way I couldn't slip that in somehow ^_^

Your comment just made me feel so much better about even bothering to post this. I was convinced to an unmentionable degree that this would fend better in my recycle bin than LJ. I honestly had fun writing it, so I'm so glad you enjoyed it ♥♥♥ ilu2
Jul. 2nd, 2011 07:41 pm (UTC)
FEEL BETTER BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME ♥♥♥ aksjfkakfdsa so happy rn you have no idea~~~ :))))
Jul. 3rd, 2011 08:17 am (UTC)
“The chance for me to show you all of the new tricks I’ve learnt, of course!” Jin beamed.

So damn cute x3

Take a cookie and a plushy penguin~ And don't call that a fail or I'll take them back~! :O ~♥

Jul. 3rd, 2011 08:29 am (UTC)
Jin is always awesome, he can't help it :D

Thank you~ ♥

And do you read this verse? 'Cause if not, you totally should!

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting :) I'll reply to your message now.
Jul. 3rd, 2011 08:34 am (UTC)
Hell he is XD

I wanted to but the link didn't brought me there, do you got a direct link~?

Okay, and thank you for sharing :D
Jul. 3rd, 2011 08:55 am (UTC)
The link I gave is to the website, where you need to click on the pic then on the 'read the glorious history of ER' on the left hand side. If you want a direct link, all installments can be found at argle_fraster's journal. Enjoy :)
Jul. 3rd, 2011 10:03 am (UTC)
Okay, thank you :D now I got another fic list XP
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