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Semi Friends Only

This journal is semi friends-only!

Fandom-related posts are public, since that's what this place mainly consists of. Any personal posts will be private.
If you think we'd share common ground, I'm all for finding new friends.

Giveaway: Results

Considering I didn't leave this offer open for very long, I had a lot of people showing interest in it!
Thanks to everyone who got involved; I feel bad for those of you who don't win ;_; inevitably there can only be one winner.

Once again I'll make it clear that the draw was done randomly, so that everybody would have an equal chance of winning, and the person with luck on their side happened to be:


I've sent that person a PM c: If I get no reply within 24 hours, I will be drawing again.

To everyone else: sorry about this, getting your hopes up and all... but it was good that so many people entered, and I don't have more than one spare copy to give away so I can't please more than one person.

Thanks for taking the time to look.


Somehow, a while back, I came into possession of two copies of KAT-TUN's Yorokobi no Uta CD, and I really don't need two.

If you'd like one of them, free of charge, let me know! I'm willing to post to anywhere. (If I get more than one request, I'll use a random selector to fairly decide who gets it.)

The CD has four tracks - Yorokobi no Uta, Your Side and the instrumentals of both. It doesn't come with a photobook, as it really is just a single, but it has lyrics (and I'd be willing to tuck in a sheet of shiny Real Face stickers. I know, shameless self-promotion ^^").

Let me know if you're interested!

(Sorry if you see this in comms as well, i'm trying to get it off my hands ^_^".)

Sorry, this offer has now closed. See the next journal entry for the results c:

Returning from beyond the grave...

...to link my kizuna_exchange fic from this year's exchange :')

Title: You String Me Along
Pairing: Hayato/Ryu; Natsu/Hiroto
Word count: 10,000+
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Language
Notes: This was based on the Chinese ‘red thread of fate’ legend. I hope you enjoy reading.

Summary: He’d been told many times that if one was to follow the trail of their red thread, it would only lead to disappointment; fate cannot be sought out.
(P.S. In other news, as you may have realised, I'm using this journal a lot less than I used to, but feel free to PM me, and I can always be found on tumblr. ^^)

(P.P.S. Considering deleting all of the podfics I've recorded. Thoughts?)

[Fic] Choices

Title: Choices
Characters: Akanishi Jin; various passengers
Genre: ...Genfic? Canon.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Word Count: 1,081
A/N: A short, very impulsively-written fic. Comments are most welcomed, I hope it proves interesting.

Summary: Jin takes a journey; makes revelations.


ChoicesCollapse )
je_podfic recently hosted its first challenge - Secret Themes. It was a huge success!

Mine and all of the other awesome entries can be found here at the masterpost. They're definitely worth a listen, there are some fantastic podfics there!

Any support is always welcomed, and you never know - you may even feel inclined to take part in future challenges! ^_~

[Fic] In the Dark

Title: In the Dark
Pairing/s: KoKame (Tanaka Koki/ Kamenashi Kazuya)
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: Slightly crazy Kame. A bit purple in terms of metaphors.
Summary: He sits on his windowsill, face profile highlighted by the crescent moon, smiling to himself.
In the DarkCollapse )

I made an attempt at recording ashi_ga_demasu's fic Stealing Kazuya.

Details and the download link can be found here at je_podfic.

Jin's birthday, 2011.07.04!

For some reason I feel like today's gonna be a good day. Not that Jin's b'day has any effect on my life at all, but yeah. Still. Glee :)

I did some fanart for Jin's birthday, including some doodles that wouldn't make it to LJ in a million years. So I'll post the one I'm happy with. (
[info]rek121 I hope you like it ^_^ Though I can't draw hands for the life of me.)

I used pencil for the initial sketch then coloured pencil for the rendering. #Unadventurous
My scanner cut off his bracelets and the top of the mask T_T

Anyway, Jin is amazing. This is a post dedicated to him in thanks for the good times I've had following him over the years.

--Just a fact, Jin was my ichiban before Kame ^_^ (this isn't really relevant)

Anyway, I hope everyone else has a good day today!

[Fic] An Extended Birthday Episode

Title: An Extended Birthday Episode
Character, Pairing(s): Extended Recess (Jin, Kame, Pi, Shirota); Jin/Kame
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Crack
Warnings: Language
Summary: At least nobody 'forgot' Jin's birthday this time.
Notes: This is an attempted insert to katmillia's wonderful Extended Recess 'verse. (Any references will make more sense if you've read this, which you should.) Butchering others' fic isn't something I'd like to make a habit of, so please pardon any resulting fail.



Onwards...Collapse )